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Aero 2006-02-21 16:58

Figures of Happiness
I've only played a few visual novels (Kanon, Planetarian, Narcissu), and I was hoping to delve into a few more. I then came across "Figures of Happiness", which received stellar reviews at a few websites I came across. I quickly gained some enthusiasm, which only stunted after reading this:


Originally Posted by Haeleth
Shiawase no katachi ("Figures of Happiness"): ErogameScape mean rating 67%.

Then again, that website seems suspicious. When Air for the PS2 is on top and Air for the PC is hanging out in the 80's, it isn't difficult to see that site has some inconsistencies. But still... 67% is pretty freaking low.

Question, especially to those who know about the game: Is this title worth it?

Haeleth 2006-02-22 05:30

I can vouch that a number of games that hover around the 70% mark on EGS are well worth playing. If you read the rest of the thread you quote, you'll observe a number of people pointed out major flaws in the way EGS works, and I was forced to backtrack on my claims, so you can basically ignore that. :)

Observe too that it was only mentioned here in the first place because Benoit was citing it as an example of a good game.

Claudio 2006-03-02 13:37

Figures of Happiness is a great game, you can't go wrong buying it. It's one of the very few (localized) H-games worth playing (along with Crescendo and Heart de Roommate, to name a few). A lot of branching, too. It will take you a long time to go through all the routes.

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