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Deranged 2014-11-14 09:00

Buriko General Interpreter - changing font size

I'm working on a translation for Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai, using the BGI tools from TLwiki. I'm trying to change the font size/length/width of the displayed font as even when using a monospaced font, there's still a slight overlap when displaying bigger letters. (See the following screenshot: It's generally still readable, but I'd like to change the size of the font if at all possible to remove the overlap.

A quick search through the archives for related questions brought me to this topic, but the solution posted seems to be specific for Shuffle!, and I can't attempt to follow it anyway as trying to run on one of the files containing the scripts throws an exception ("size unknown for op 20f57 @ offset 00a24").

Does anyone happen to know a way to change the font size for this game instead, or know enough to point me in the right direction? It'll be a great help. I can provide any scripts if anyone needs them for testing as well.


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