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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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2007-04-02 23:18
Billhead Well, almost everyone knew.
Until episode 23 I still thought there was going to be 26, I was mildly disappointed.
2007-03-31 21:17
Originally Posted by Asura View Post
so what happened to the recaps?
No recaps were ever intended to be shown. That was just viewer speculation due to an erroneous reporting of a 26-episode schedule (since everyone knew from the start that the actual series would span only 24 episodes).
2007-03-31 20:05
Asura so what happened to the recaps?
2007-03-21 18:45
Asura that song was from the game, long long ago

that song.
2007-03-21 13:26
I'm sure the theme that starts at 14:35 in ep 23 was in old Kanon.
I think he's referring to original compositions from the Toei series. The theme you speak of came from the actual game (and hence was used in some form in both adaptations).
2007-03-21 09:10
Originally Posted by wa-totem View Post
After listening to old Kanon anime OSTS (MACM-1155/56) I am pretty sure nothing from there was reused, only I've/Key Sound Label stuff.
I'm sure the theme that starts at 14:35 in ep 23 was in old Kanon.
2007-03-20 14:12
Originally Posted by wa-totem View Post
I still can't nail certain tunes though. The one I want to find is school ceremony in episode 24, ca. ~9:00.

Anyone knows?
It's from the album "Ma-Na." It's the first track. Anyway it's a remix of Asa kage.
2007-03-20 05:47
wa-totem I have a question regarding BGM used in Kanon 2006.

After listening to old Kanon anime OSTS (MACM-1155/56) I am pretty sure nothing from there was reused, only I've/Key Sound Label stuff.

Of course, most of the music is found on KSLA-0006, the Kanon Soundtrack...

After some searching, I nailed some more tunes; ep.24 Ayu narrative was accompanied by track 11 (Umaretate no Kaze) of KSLA-0003, the Kanon Arrange Album. Track 3 (Shoujo no Ori) from same album was used for numerous night-time mamono-hunting Mai scenes.

I also 'nailed' the remix used for episode 18 at ~5:39 (Yuuichi talking to Kaori), it's track 8 of (Kanojo no kenkai) KSLA-0003 again, at ~3 minute mark...

I still can't nail certain tunes though. The one I want to find is school ceremony in episode 24, ca. ~9:00.

Anyone knows?
2007-03-19 01:20
Unregistered So are the rumors of extra episodes on the DVDs confirmed yet?
2007-03-19 01:11
For those interested, I have done the scans for Kanon DVD Volume 03. Check them out on my blog.

I always like the 4komas that come with them. You can also download the high res scans, the link is at the bottom.
2007-03-19 00:38
I had high hopes for KyoAni's version, having been somewhat disappointed with Toei's... and overall, this show delivered. Unfortunately, when it slipped, it not only fell on its behind, but broke its hipbones, twisted its ankle and had a bird promptly poop on its flabbergast face.

Now that it's done, I must say I disliked the way KyoAni handled the remake as well. Yes, it's several steps ahead of Toei's condensed, single-minded series. On the other hand, KyoAni's seemed to at times be aimless and surprisingly rushed, or at the very least, it became aimless and rushed past a certain point.

Makoto's arc, which is a character I am not fond of, was handled tastefully, her story driving me over the edge in more than one occasion... the humor at this stage was at its peak, and it disarmed you well enough for the torrent of drama that ensued shortly after.

Someone mentioned their enjoyment of the series took a nose-dive after Mai's arc was finished. I can definitely relate to them... Mai wasn't my favorite character in Toei's and it's still not my favorite one in KyoAni's, but she serves as a prime example of what this iteration did right. Her arc was splendid, and although the ending faltered quite a bit, the character development, animation and overall direction culminated in a breath-taking, emotional roller-coaster ride.

Everything up to the wrap-up of these two girls's screen time was formidable.

Shiori's, being my second favorite character... one that apparently never had the attention she deserved in Toei's Kanon, was a character arc I was eagerly waiting for. And yet, they managed to make her storyline seem dull, when it really isn't. I adored the cute moments we had of the sickly young girl living a semblance of a normal life; unfortunately, everything seemed to fall flat when the show attempted to flesh out the distance between Kaori and Shiori, as well as their reconciliation... it just felt off.

Naiyuki was a complete train wreck... an arc that tried time and time again to wrestle the spotlight away from the Uguu-tard aftermath. She was done better justice this time around than in Toei's version that's for sure, and it left less of a sour taste in my mouth than certain parts of Shiori's tale, mostly because Naiyuki was developed collaterally throughout the whole series, lessening the impact of her rushed, horribly directed half-an-episode.

And now for Ayu, or Uguu-tard, as I like to call her. Obviously, my dislike for her is enormous... and yet, Toei's version, despite all its flaws, had managed to shed some compassionate light on her. This time around, the most I could envision her as was comedy relief. Terrible comedy relief in the shape of a loli-licious, moé-cliché... and seriously, her interjection was done to death and then some. I never exactly considered it cute or endearing, but by the end of the series it was grating on my nerves.

The last episode managed to undo a lot of what the previous 23 episodes accomplished. I really would need a whole new post to rant about all its shortcomings, direction oversights and supposedly dramatic or awe-inspiring events that just had me rolling my eyes. It attempted to tie everything neatly, but only managed to duct-tape Mai's and Shiori's epilogues.

I'm still trying to understand how they were able to fizzle the ending. Air's and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu's were both wonderful. Did the 24 episode format throw their pacing off? Was it the pressure of one-upping a previous adaptation? I really can't tell.

All in all, a definite keeper; but not without regrets.
2007-03-18 15:51
like ayu said: You really can't satisfy everyone :-/

i just finished watching episode 24 was wonderful :)

i like both versions, toei and anikyo, but i like the kyoani ending a little bit better.

the ending scene with ayu was just 2 cute...
2007-03-18 13:21
Ayu Tsukimiya
Originally Posted by Asura View Post
damn. fate/stay night was good. it's better than kanon in my opinion (only cause of the stitched up ending. i have a strong aversion for anime that has a crappy ending)
Fate stay night was indeed very good - but I think you can't compare those too.
Both are totally different.
Of course it's still ok if you think Fate was better but this comparison suprised me ^^'

KyoAni did a very great job, I wish Toei's version never existed in the first place, 'cause many people here had too high expectations i guess.

What if they didn't follow the game story as close as they could?

I remember very much disappointed posts in some forums when the old series was released. This time it's the opposite ^^'

You really can't satisfy everyone :-/

Hooray to KyoAni for the wonderful work on Kanon (and Air of course - not to mention Haruhi, but this wasn't a key adaption ^^). I'm really looking forward to Clannad ^^
2007-03-18 12:12
IIRC, Kyoto animation also worked on series for other companies before becoming the lead company.
Yeah, they've been in business for 2-3 decades, I think. Until recently, Kyoto Animation specialized in subcontract work for other studios: in-between animation, key animation, backgrounds, coloration, etc. (a genuine "Kyoto-style" company, as the name might suggest. However, they've changed business aims now).
2007-03-18 09:45
PyTom A full list can be found at:

TV series are:

- Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu
- Air
- Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid
- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
- Kanon

Upcoming TV series are:
- Lucky ☆ Star
- Clannad

OVAs are:

- Munto
- Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time

IIRC, Kyoto animation also worked on series for other companies before becoming the lead company.

I'm not a big fan of Munto, as I think that while Kyoto animation is very good at adapting works to the screen, they have yet to show that they can make original works. Munto is visually stunning, but the story didn't match up.

I think I had that may have been the problem with Kanon 24: from what I understand it was largely original to the anime, and may have suffered from that.
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