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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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2008-04-21 05:06
Deymos k,thanks a lot
2008-04-20 11:22
Asceai This game is REALLY REALLY EASY, to be honest. There's only a couple of options, and only two good endings. Just focus entirely on the character of choice.
2008-04-20 02:17
Deymos can anybody please share a walkthrough for this one
2006-07-27 15:45
ApathyEcstasy lrf..ohg rira va gur hzv gur raq..ur eryvrq ba gur hfr bs gur tha gb erzrzore gur erznvavat zrzbevrf...engure guna erzrzorevat gur erznvavat zrzbevrf ba uvf bja
2006-07-27 14:32
SRMoogle Well...

V gubhtug vs ur znantrq gb ertnva uvf zrzbevrf *jvgubhg* gur hfr bs gur tha, vg jbhyq xvyy uvz? Va gur bar fgbel, n srj enaqbz zrzbevrf bs uvf jrer oebhtug onpx jvgu gur tha, fb ur jnf svar...ohg va gur bgure, ur ortna erzrzorevat guvatf jvgubhg gur tha, juvpu jnf tenqhnyyl xvyyvat uvz...

2006-07-27 13:15
ApathyEcstasy bxnl fb v tbg obgu gur hzv naq gur uvan raqvat ohg v'z fgvyy pbashfrq nobhg JUL uvan pbhyq bayl fgnl sbe nabgure 5 jryy nf, JUL gnebh qvrq na ubhe nsgre univat uvf zrzbevrf erfgberq ol gur tha...rira gubhtu ur unq gur tha hfrq ba uvz va gur uvan oenapu naq ur qbrfa'g qvr..lrf lrf v xabj gung fbzrbar nyernql fnvq gung va vagragvbanyyl nzovthbhf raqvatf yvxr gurfr....gur qrpvfvba vf yrsg hc gb lbh nf gb jurgure gur crefba qvrq be abg rgp...ohg hzv urefrys gbyq gnebh gung ur'q qvr...naq fur'f gur bjare bs gur tha..fb v'z nffhzvat fur xabjf jung fur'f gnyxvat nobhg...v nyfb haqrefgbbq gung bar bs lbh fnvq rneyvre gung gur ernfba fur hfrq gur tha ba uvz va gur svefg cynpr jura ur jnf n puvyq jnf orpnhfr fur jnagrq gb fcner uvz gur cnva bs tbvat ba nyy gubfr lrnef jvgubhg frrvat ure ntnva gvyy abj...ohg v'z fgvyy chmmyrq..uryc?
2006-07-14 14:38
jebbito ... Nevermind.
2006-07-14 14:27
jebbito Wait, this had multiple endings?


How the hell do I get the rest? And what are you guys saying?
2006-06-08 22:40
Billhead Finaly had enough time to get all the endings, and I must thank insani for yet another wonderfull translation.
I especially love Tarou's way of announcing everything to Hina.

Gurer vf nabgure raqvat V pna guvax bs bss gur gbc bs zl urnq, jurer gur Funex pnyyf lbh gb uvf bssvpr.
2006-06-08 19:23
Koki I also would like to thank insani for all the great work that has been done on these wonderful pieces, that otherwise would remain unreacheable. I really enjoyed Flood of Tears. In spite of its somewhat simple plot, it touched me the same way Resonance and specially Soremata did, and it left me at the end with something like "Please, not the end credits.. I want more : )" wish, which, at least for me, is a sign that I liked the story. Special note for the beautiful music score.

Btw, I tbg gur Uvan naq Hzv raqvatf, naq gur trareny "raq bs gur lrne" raqvat, juvpu V fhccbfr vgf gur onq bar. Nz V zvffvat nal bgure?
2006-05-23 18:17
vampiresaru I agree it had room for more development as far as characters and the story, and left some things to be desired but it had many nice little gems in it as well. I feel like there was a big progression in terms of ability on the scenario writer, Yuichi's, side from start to finish. Things started a little bit rough but the story did blossom. As many can attest to, not every piece of "great literature" is enjoyable to read but TMS did managage to keep me up playing until I had all the endings (I am sure a large portion of this had to do with the transators as well for they are just as important in conveying the ideas and feelings as the original writers).

On a side note...I hate to say it but I've got a bit of Shark in me only intead of my manly love life adventure its more of a manly geek adventure through the world of attempting to learn japanese on my own (Hi I'm a pimsleurs Japanese parrot!), the latest anime I am obsessing over or how my misguided attempt at writing a game with ONscripter are going... believe me I've almost driven my bud to choking me out on occasion :P

edit: remind me not to type when I have had a couple beers in me...
2006-05-23 10:57
Originally Posted by vampiresaru
This was quite a wonderful release you have done. I have come to truly look forward to everything you translate and would like to thank all those involved with insani.
Glad you liked it. As you can well see, this was very much a labor of love on the part of the original authors from start to finish, and I hope that shines through in my translation. Furthermore, while it does not by any means qualify as "great literature", it was cleanly written with exceedingly few typographical errors (in comparison to other pieces in its class, that is), making it a pleasure to translate. For my part, I can say that the Shark has become one of the most memorable "annoying best friend" characters that I've had the pleasure of reading; that alone has to be worth something ...

The most interesting thing about this piece is that in most reviews I've read, it garners somewhere between a 5-6 out of 10; the general consensus seems to be that the piece was well-written and well-scripted, but it was just too short to succeed given the plot structure and progression that it set out to use. And this is a valid criticism: the authors were essentially trying to reproduce the dramatic structure of pieces like Kanon and SNOW, in which you have a lot of "slice of life" skits front-loaded in order for the reader to develop a rapport with the characters, and then during the individual characters' endgames the drama is turned up to 11. In order for this kind of structure to succeed, that rapport needs to be quite strong going into the endgame -- and it is here that Flood of Tears stumbles.

That said, it was a pleasure to read and a pleasure to translate, and if anyone is going to rip into it because of its flaws, he'll have to answer to me.
2006-05-22 21:32
vampiresaru This was quite a wonderful release you have done. I have come to truly look forward to everything you translate and would like to thank all those involved with insani.

I would further comment about the endings (va zl snagnfl jbeyq ur qvqa'g qvr va gur Hzv raqvat) but I find myself going into zombie mode and can't muster much more than the previous rot13..... Work will be fuuuuuuuun tomorrow (^_^)
2006-05-21 13:56
Shii You could have warned me or something...
2006-05-20 17:29
Originally Posted by mr.aufziehvogel
can you tell me how i can get to the 2nd half? ;)
Obgu Uvan naq Hzv unir raqtnzr cnguf, qrcraqvat ba gur pubvprf gung lbh unir znqr rneyvre. Lbh tbg Hzv'f raqvat. Abj tb onpx, qba'g or fb avpr gb Hzv, naq or avpr gb Uvan vfagrnq.
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