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2009-09-29 17:49
Unregistered I didn't mind the small errors here and there, I though the "over 9000" line was hilarious. Only played through milf route, really good but a bit anti-climatic at the end. Gonna try Loli and bitch next.
2009-09-29 17:25
Reikon The official patch didn't do much, so it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't be surprised if they just removed the over 9000 line.

Trying to actually fix the script would be a huge undertaking... there are simply too many errors. Might as well wait for JAST to do the job with their second patch. Hopefully they can get it out in a reasonable amount of time...
2009-09-04 05:01
UBW It is both, there were a few lines in the script that referenced the censored CGs (such as the main character asking why she was in her underwear, when she was actually naked in the original CG), and the patch altered those lines to prevent inconsistencies between the text and CG.
2009-09-03 20:52
Unregistered I'm pretty sure it's both - the patch does a crc check on both the cg and script container, and I remember him mentioning that he edited the script for those scenes slightly to correspond to the uncensored cg, as well as a miscellaneous fix or two (ie, the over 9000 line).
2009-09-02 21:46
Dear Unregistered, texts has nothing to do with uncensor, since it only replaces pictures (afaik).
2009-09-02 20:52
Unregistered Don't know patch guy is still here, but Jast has released the text update recently:

Might want to update the patch again for use with this version.
2009-08-07 18:08
nhat Another option is to translate the JP version to english and release a patch.....

Is that one part really worth the effort though? Just asking, I just got the game and from what I hear it's not much.
2009-08-06 14:58
X-Calibar Active Mosaic technology, clothing of the future (weightless!)... Excites the imagination! Just don't run low on batteries~!
2009-08-06 13:03
Starchanchan Mosaic panties: a great real-life solution!
2009-08-05 14:54
jdcakes Just in case anyone is interested I managed to get bmp->gga working using a very rough little script. Whilst GGA supports a whole bunch of compression codes you can ignore them all and create a valid GGA simply by inserting the byte FF every 976 bytes starting immediately after the header. This assumes that it is a 32bit BMP if not you need to pad every pixel with 0s first, additionally the bmp must be flipped in the horizontal axis. also for the last inserted control byte you need to use one calculated by the following rather than FF.

(length of file after final control byte in bytes)/4 +11

Which converted into hex will give you the replacement byte.

After this you simply need to replace the BMP header with the header from the GGA image you are trying to replace. You should only need to replace the length entry which is byte 21-24 enter in the length from your first control byte to the end of file in hex.

In my case this roughly doubled the file size, so not the best idea if you are replacing a lot of images, but it's a nice easy bodge if you just need to get something working.

For those interested in why this works; GGA uses 11 control bytes 00-0B to specify various repetitions of the four byte pixels it has already processed. Where the control byte is higher than 0B the reader will subtract 0B from the byte and read the resultant number of 4byte pixels from the file following the control byte. Thus FF gives you the maximum number of pixels (244 or 976 in bytes) before another control byte is read.
2009-08-05 06:17
Unregistered Every girl in real life has to has mosaics before her private parts!
2009-08-05 05:42
Originally Posted by Moogy View Post
I, for one, cannot fap unless there is censorship of some sort. Mosaics get me totally hard.
Exactly. It's gotten so I get an erection when I'm looking at any blur whatsoever.
2009-08-04 21:27
Moogy I, for one, cannot fap unless there is censorship of some sort. Mosaics get me totally hard.
2009-08-04 14:10
Originally Posted by dsp2003 View Post
I doubt that someone except for original creators can nicely reproduce all "private" parts.
I'd argue that. A lot of really good artists could redraw them and make it work. Just depends if they can/want to draw privates, and if they can make it blend in with the original illustrations well enough. But don't knock down the option immediately. It's quite possible it can be done well.
2009-08-03 08:39
Originally Posted by dsp2003 View Post
Please don't. It will ruin the whole thing. I doubt that someone except for original creators can nicely reproduce all "private" parts. Even if you can, it still makes no sense.
It's certainly beyond my ability to demosaic the CGs but if others want to do it (and they seem to) and have them put in the game it's not a big deal to me as trying to get this working is quite fun.

The current version of the patch you can find on /jp/ uses the mosaiced japanese originals. If I get all scenes working with shopped decensored images I'll just release two concurrent versions, that way people can choose which they prefer.

Only GGP files are actual encrypted PNGs, other 2 are completely different formats (GG0-GG3 is GGA; GGD is another one, from older IKURA GDL engine implementation called Digital Romance System).
Ah, that makes a lot of sense, the images I need to work with are all GG2. Well, I guess my best bet is to go back to the GGDcut source and see if I can get a handle of how the format works.

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