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2012-05-21 07:23
max_one Okok guys, i swear i will not send to you the translated version. Happy? Now, can someone help me rebuild the scripts back in the game ? Where are gone robyte and angelic dreams?
2012-05-20 01:30
Originally Posted by John Smith View Post
For translating something like that you will is not enought if you don't have some skills and pacience. But if you want to try to do something (stupid) like the FH translator at least use some decent mt like Honyaku combined with Babel and not GT...
LOL dont encourage him you make it even more worst...
If I where you....Try to have a decent japanese learning and then start translating...
because machine translations are not that too accurate you know.....
2012-05-20 00:46
John Smith For translating something like that you will is not enought if you don't have some skills and pacience. But if you want to try to do something (stupid) like the FH translator at least use some decent mt like Honyaku combined with Babel and not GT...
2012-05-19 14:44
max_one you are not fair with me "Unregistered", i have asked for help, if you don't want to provide it "then don't bother". i do not want to tarnish anyone's project, as i said i want to work on Toradora, not Oreimo.. i've written here just because i have recognised that some people could help me. Moreover, no one (as far as i know) is working on Toradora otherwise my attempt would be useless. Eventually, if i ever succeed, you are not forced to download it. Regards.
2012-05-19 13:32
Unregistered Don't you dare try to tarnish this project by using machine translations. If you don't have any skills what so ever, then don't bother.
2012-05-19 11:33
max_one hi people, i registered just to ask your help.
i am an insignificant anime fun boy located in italy who doesn't know neither Japanese nor Scripting stuff etc. , i just want to play Toradora (and other visual novels) but with my lack of knowledge i can't do anything.
by chance i found this thread, and with an heartbrake i downloaded the dialogues posted up there. i can translate them with the help of someone out there or even with google translated if necessary (more comprehensible than katakana, you know). just one more step to the goal: can someone explain me how to build them back once traslated?
i just want to prove myself that with the power of internet i can do unimaginable things because we are all linked, and we can share our knowledge and cohoperate to achieve every aim. Thanks. MaX
2012-01-01 08:15
aendin Do you still need another translator? I'm up for some work.
2011-06-20 08:47
Bael_Balzac Please reupload AASTARTPOINT:
2011-05-16 18:25
RoByte I've uploaded the code to a few of my tools to SourceForge.
I'll upload more once they're a bit more mature. I've re-written my inserter at least a dozen times so far.
2011-05-07 12:40
RoByte I finally got the image insertion working with a combination of the above methods.

gimconv TKA0020A.gim -o TKA0020A.tga
(Edit the TGA with GIMP)
gimconv TKA0020A.tga --format_style psp --format_endian little

I had been trying to put the modified file into image_tukkomi with no success. Now I'm only inserting it into the appropriate T script and everything appears to be working so far.
2011-05-06 20:30
AngelicDreams Edit: Yep, they're translating from the Chinese fan translation with some exceptions while editing.

I will attempt to contact them, though the translation style from what I've seen would be annoying for me to edit to the same style as our current translations. Other than that, there is the problem I am concerned about. If those translations are from the chinese fan translation, then the translation will be a problem. Basically, From Japanese>Chinese>English, meanings or literal translations and other technical issues tend to happen, and would not be accurate enough as it has gone through different languages. I feel that this would affect our translation quality. We'll see how it goes.
2011-05-05 12:56
Unregistered There's a guy on youtube posting CCed translations of the game in play. Maybe you can talk him into joining your project.
2011-04-28 14:56
Unregistered I didn't know about that option,
I tested some more, even with png and a bigger file, it works.

And I forgot to mention, I used UMDGen to reinsert RES.DAT back into the iso.
2011-04-28 05:43
Nanashi3 why not gimconv TKA0020A.gim -o TKA0020A.tga
to preserve alpha channel?
2011-04-28 02:52
Unregistered I tested this, it works, but alfa channel of image is lost.
There are 3 copies of TKA0020A.gim, you should probably change them all.
I used gim2bmp and gimconv from tenoritool archive, and compiled Gpda from k-wng.

java Gpda res.dat
copy res\image_tukkomi.dat\TKA0020A.gim TKA0020A.gim.gz
gzip -d TKA0020A.gim.gz
gim2bmp TKA0020A.gim
<edit bmp>
gimconv TKA0020A.bmp --format_style psp --format_endian little --pixel_order faster --image_format index8
gzip -n9 TKA0020A.gim
move TKA0020A.gim.gz TKA0020A.gim
copy TKA0020A.gim res\script.dat\AKYO_0020T.dat\AKYO_0020T.dat_1\AKYO_0020T.dat_2
java Gpda res.dat.txt
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