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2011-02-05 12:13
TDOMMX I just finished the game 100% this morning, so I'll offer my comments on each of the questions asked. I hopefully won't start a run-on stream of thought like Satoru, but I'll try to be as thorough as I can. Naturally, there'll be some spillover between questions.


It's a pity that the game basically ends itself at the eleventh hour. I'm somewhat amused that the game uses a Deus Ex Machina of its own while lampshading that such a plot device is poor storytelling. The majority of the game felt like an improvement upon Ever 17 to me, but the lack of closure and the sheer number of plotholes prevents me from saying the final product was better than its predecessor (though, to be fair, the Deus Ex Machina in Remember 11 was far more plausible than its Ever 17 counterpart). I think the experience was otherwise worth it, even if I'm walking away without much of a sense of closure.

Edit: Come to think of it, was the name of Tsugumi's friend in Ever 17 given? I'm thinking there might be a link to her in Remember 11, but it might just be my imagination...
2008-09-21 13:09
It's been a while since I've played but I'll try to answer with what I remember.


If you want discussions, debates, analysis about Remember11. Go on Kidfanschannel's BBS and look there. Lots of stuff there (
2008-09-20 23:50
p997tt I finished Satoru's good ending + epligoue as well as a few other bad endings a few days ago. (I had to replay the whole game from beginning again though since I got one of Cocoro's endings which turns on a flag that prevents me from getting Satoru's good ending >_<)

There are still so many things I don't understand.


There are still other questions but these are the ones I can think of at the moment. If anyone knows a website that explains what happens behind everything, either in English or Chinese, then please post it. I don't have the time and don't really feel like going through all 33 endings.
2008-09-14 09:01
Unregistered can't wait for someone on TLWiki to take this on him.
2008-09-07 07:25
The novel is almost exactly the same as a playthrough of Kokoro's path to her good ending. I didn't go through the novel 100%, but I don't think it contains any part of Satoru's path.
2008-09-06 19:04
p997tt Thanks for the reply. So it looks like I will get the bad endings for Satoru and skip most of the Cocoro ones. I also skipped most of the TIPS so I guess I need to go back and read them.

I just started playing Satoru's route and it's so funny how Satoru acts when he found that he lost male's most important part. :D

Another question - my game comes with a 416 pages novel, would reading this novel help answer some of the questions in the story? I have only read through the first 50 pages and so far everything seems to follow Cocoro's route.
2008-09-05 05:12
First a warning. You will never fully understand what's going on. Even if you dig through all 33 endings and research into every single TIPS, you will still be left with questions. That's just the kind of game Remember11 is.

Now to answer your question. Cocoro's bad endings are not really helpful. Most of them provide no information. Satoru's bad endings are much better, and there's one particular bad ending that explains quite a bit (I think it's the ユウキドウ計画失敗 ["Yukidoh"'s plan failed] ending), and several bad endings that reveal small but important hints (which should also be covered in the bad ending mentioned previously). My suggestion is to go for that bad ending and the good endings, which should be enough. Also, don't forget to read the TIPS from time to time as they provide good hints (unfortunately some of them also serve to confuse the players ..).

I am just glad someone out there is playing Remember11.
2008-09-05 00:13
p997tt Do I need to go through all 33 endings to fully understand what's going on?

So far I have got Cocoro's good ending, plus 5 or 6 bad endings from Cocoro's POV. I find that the bad endings I have so far don't help me answer what is going on behind the whole thing at all. So I wonder do I really need to replay the game for 30+ times to know what is going on or is there just a few endings I need and the rest are just dead endings like getting killed in the bathroom? (kind of like FSN, 5 endings and the rest are all bad/dead endings?)

I noticed from the walkthrough that some endings must be seen first in order to unlock some other endings. So I guess these are the ones that will reveal some information behind the whole thing?

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