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Thread: Policenauts and Snatcher good compared to the usual gyaru-gee we play? Reply to Thread
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2010-07-27 00:47
EvoSpace I did play both of them.
It heavily depends on my taste, but this is how I would rank them among some visual novels in terms of how awesome I thought the overall experience was:

- Kami-ge
Fate/Stay Night

- Excellent
Shinji Sougeki Carnival

- Very Good
Phantom of Inferno
Eve Burst Error
Saya no Uta

- Good
Cross Channel
Little Busters!

- Average
Dies irae~Acta est Fabula~
Secret Game
2010-07-19 13:57
izmosmolnar I played those too. They are pretty great and quite fresh among all the cookie cutter stuff nowadays. Both have minor nitpick issues, but they were well worth to play.
As for which one I liked more... I'd go with Policenauts, I just fucking loved "Lethal Weapon" as a wee lad, so it was right up my alley.
2010-07-19 10:12
Originally Posted by KaioShin View Post
The story is decent and has a few nice twists, but it's not THAT impressive.
Snatcher is like one big jigsaw puzzle and the way all its pieces, however small and insignificant some of them might seem at first glance, come together eventually, is nothing short of amazing. Personally, I find it very impressive.
2010-07-19 10:11
Unregistered Snatcher is great. Policenauts is mediocre but still worth looking at.

They should only be compared to more interactive adventure games like Eve Burst Error (which I like better, although Snatcher is indeed better paced and better written in places).
2010-07-19 09:57
KaioShin Policenauts is a bit overrated, I guess due to the hype of it being one of the(the one?) last untranslated games by Hideo Kojima.

That being said, it's still very much worth playing. It's a very mature story, both protagonists are relatively old farts, which is very uncommon for video games of any sort. Subsequently the story deals with stuff like feeling useless due to old age and generally loosing one's touch with the times. It's worth playing for it's unique point of view alone.

It has been much longer since I played Snatcher, I don't remember it all that much. As far as I remember, it was a rather generic cyberpunk adventure. The story is decent and has a few nice twists, but it's not THAT impressive. It reminded me a lot of Blade Runner, only a bit less deep. It's still fun and not that long, so it doesn't hurt to play it in any case. I still remember very cleary though that I hated the shooting sequences *grml*

Both stories are kind of completely opposite to what you'll find in most eroge, so I really wouldn't compare them too much. For one you won't find super pretty girls in either...
2010-07-19 09:31
Thanks for clearing it up for me, Asceai.

I've played Snatcher and Policenauts, but having finished only one route in Ever17 I'm not exactly in the position to compare the games or judge which one is more 'god-like' (it's something completely subjective anyway). Personally, I consider both Snatcher and Policenauts top-notch games with excellent story, great pacing (I'm looking at you, Ever17) and writing. If you happen to have a soft spot for mystery/murder novels with a lot of suspence (and again, I'm looking right at you, Ever17), you should definitely give them a chance. If I had to compare Snatcher with Policenauts, I'd say that Snatcher has a better story, better ending, it's packed full of suspense and it shows that great attention to details. Policenauts story is more straightforward and much more predictable, though it has its moments of awesomeness too.
2010-07-19 07:39
Asceai gyaru-gee = ギャルゲー = galge
kami-gee = 神ゲー = kamige = God game.. basically, typically used by people in reference to the very best of the best of all the eroge they like.

I can't answer OPs question, though, having played neither. I suspect that if you compare them to 'kami-gee' purely on story and writing terms they will be a bit lacking but both games incorporate significant gameplay elements as well.
2010-07-19 07:24
Unregistered Kami-gee = natural forces game?
2010-07-19 07:16
Mazyrian I guess gyaru-gee = galge.
As for kami-gee... Hm, I'll leave that to others
2010-07-19 05:27
Can somebody smart translate it from Weaboo to English for the rest of us? I can't for the life of me figure out what these 'kami-gee' and 'gyaru-gee' are all about.

Anyway, I don't think that Snatcher and Policenauts have much in common with Ever17.
2010-07-19 03:16
DragonmasterX Policenauts and Snatcher get a lot of praise. But I noticed a large majority of the people who have played those games are more into mainstream games, and haven't played Key/Leaf/Type-Moon works, etc.

So for those of you here who've played Policenauts and Snatcher, how do they compare to gyaru-gee? Like some people call Policenauts and Snatcher kami-gee, but others call Ever17 kami-gee. So compare them and which one is the real kami-gee?

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