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Conversation Between Pirkaf and Asceai
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  1. Pirkaf
    2009-12-13 10:55
    Thanks! I hope those latest VNs from Nitro+ will get licensed by JAST eventually...
  2. Asceai
    2009-12-12 20:56
    Sorry, didn't see your message =P

    And, sure, it's changed. * are new titles.

    1. G-Senjou no Maou
    2. Sharin no Kuni
    3. Mugen Kairou 2*
    4. Moshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba
    5. Cross Channel
    6. Saihate no IMA
    7. Full Metal Daemon MURAMASA*
    8. Himawari
    9. Ayakashibito
    10. Baldr Sky*

    Other than that, Hoshizora no Memoria is another (fairly recent-ish) title that would be in my top 20 somewhere, and Steins;Gate is looking like a very possible #1.
  3. Pirkaf
    2009-12-06 00:06
    Hi, I was watching your 100 best eroges video (very enjoyable) and I wonder if your Top 10 has changed since you made it. In other words if any recent VN deserves to be in your Top 10 or 20...

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