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Old 2007-11-17, 02:06
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Default Prism Ark Translation Project

So, I suppose I'm somewhat serious about getting this done now. Some members of Non-Directional Translations are currently looking at how to extract/reinsert the scripts and whatever else goes into making a patch, but I suppose we will need a couple more people to help out on this project by the end.

Translation so far is about 4% complete (~2000 lines). So far I've been translating the narration in past tenses, so it's more like a typical novel, but the original text is often in present tense. Any suggestions? I just find it weird to have it in present tense.

Anyway, here's a list of everything that has been translated so far.
Once/If the script files can be extracted, I'll move it everything onto the TLWiki.
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Old 2007-11-17, 02:52
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Normally I'd object to the idea of changing the tense, but it seems to flow more naturally that way, so I'll suggest you keep going with it. Nice job so far.

What sort of help were you after? Additional translators, or were you planning on translating the entire piece by yourself?
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Old 2007-11-17, 19:23
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It's probably simply the difference between English literary style and Japanese literary style. Japanese literature tends to keep descriptions like that in the present tense because they're not "completed" while English tends to write in the past tense since they're done by the time you read it. I don't think switching to past tense is a bad thing at all as long as you keep it consistent, and don't accidentally make character speech past tense.

For example, Japanese literary style tends to only use the past tense for something that occurred long before the topic on which you're writing. So say, a War that happened before the beginning of the novel, would be discussed in past tense, or something that a person has always had a habit of doing since forever and a day ago, would be past tense, but the current story is likely to be consistently present tense. Just as an English novel is likely to be consistently past tense.

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Old 2007-11-18, 02:32
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Well, the rest of the Prologue / Chapter 0 is finished.

I'm still deciding what tense to use. Right now, I haven't been paying too much attention to what I use, and just use whatever seems to fit. It seems to have worked out well enough so far, but hopefully this is something that an editor could help with.

But anyway, for the help I will need, I wouldn't mind a couple more translators, it'd definitely help. I'm sure to make mistakes as well, so translation checkers would be useful too. Probably and editor or two as well, to check grammar, and to try to improve the flow of the translations. Of course, it's hard to organize things now, so real "recruiting" might have to wait until the script files, etc get put up onto the wiki.
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Old 2007-11-22, 05:48
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Copying from my post on Animesuki......

Status update: I'll be using the TLWiki to organize the project from here on.
Main project link:
I've added a list of all the prisms Hyaweh can use as well as a page for the prologue. For now, there are a couple of things I need help with (in rough order of importance):
  • Prism List
    1. Translate prism names
    2. Translate prism descriptions
    3. Transcribe prism list for each heroine into the correct format (which I have, just not a soft copy)
    4. Translate heroines' prisms + descriptions
  • Prologue
    1. TL check
    2. General editing (including organizing the scene changes better with a separate script table, and removing extraneous lines)
    3. Reorganizing the current script files (ie shift the character names to the right column, and remove quotations. There's probably some braindead-ily easy way to do this for someone who knows programming...)
    4. Grammar / spell check
  • General tasks
    1. Make a list of recurring names, places, proper nouns, greetings, etc. Needed to maintain consistency, etc.
    2. Make a list of each character's speech quirks (such as Filia's ~kana, Litte's desu~, Karin's obsoleteness, etc.), and think of general ways to translate each. I've mostly been ignoring this, really...
    3. (Improve the wikipedia article on Prism Ark. Ergh, what the hell is that thing?)
So anyway, [s]lots of[/s], uh... [s]a number of[/s]... no, a small number of people have volunteered to help, and that's great. Please PM me if you're serious and have the time to help out (as in, don't disappear for weeks on end... I work pretty slow myself ).
Currently looking for:
  1. Story translators
    • Obviously, Japanese and English skills are important.
  2. General translators
    • Things to translate: menus, prism information, battle screens, (manual?, readme?)
    • Other general tasks
  3. TL checkers
    • Check over translations, and make sure there isn't anything out of left field.
    • Good Japanese is a must for this.
  4. Script editors
    • High level of English.
    • Some Japanese knowledge would be best, especially for editing my TL's to each character's quirks, etc.
Anonymous editing is allowed on the TLWiki, so go ahead and add translations and things, even if you can't help out more regularly. Unfortunately, no one has really volunteered to help translate, but if you know even just some Japanese, I could use your help. Even just a little bit of Japanese knowledge helps; with things like Rikaichan, it's really not that hard to do translations.

Anyway, first part of Ch01 is done as well. This chapter is horrendously long, so it'll take a good long while to translate everything...
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Old 2007-12-24, 22:32
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Status update.
Chapter 1 is about 60% done now, with only three more relatively short scenes left.
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Old 2011-04-28, 03:40
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is this project dead?
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Old 2011-04-28, 05:18
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Judging from the main thread at AnimeSuki,
seems like there's no update for a year

And there's no update since 2008 from TLWiki,
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Old 2011-05-22, 14:17
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Smile Great news!

Yess this is awesome, I love the anime and Pricia was my second ever nendoroid.
Now I can also play the game..finally!:)
/eroge player from Sweden.
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Old 2011-05-22, 14:21
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Red face Opps is this an old thread?

I want to die now
/Sad eroge player from

Still I just got To Heart 2 in the mail so whatever
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