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Old 2006-09-01, 16:40
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Default Lamune translation project

I am considering translating Lamune, the Nekonekosoft game of 2004, and have made some headway with it. I have completed the "childhood" portion of the game, and am in the process of translating the Suzuka path. So far I have the first day.

There is, however, a little catch. I am a complete incompetent when it comes to scripting of any sort, so I have not actually been able to rip the script. In fact, my translation so far had been done by means of having Lamune and Word open at the same time and scribbling down the translation on the go... not the most efficient way to translate, I think you'll agree, although it does give me a certain feel for the flow that might be absent if I were only staring at blocks of text.

So, to get to the point, does anybody know a good way to rip the text from Lamune?
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