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Old 2007-11-19, 11:07
Rasqual Twilight
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Default recommendation system discussion

VNDB is one of the two multi-user VN databases currently in development, with CISVisual (see this other thread for info on CISV). Its main developer is yorhel (ayo on these forums).

I started a discussion on the future directions of the yet-to-come suggestion and recommendation system.

yorhel wants to develop the system on two fronts:
First, VNDB will have a recommendation system similar to what is found on the anime recommendation site AniRec system by Anime-Planet. For those unfamiliar with it, basically each title has "if you like this VN, you probably also like that one" suggestions, and the main page also features picks based on a particular theme which periodically rotates.

On the other hand, what is envisioned is either a taxonomy using tags, or user voting based on traits (e.g. "Has nice scenery artwork", etc.) with a weighing system, similar to what is found on EroGameScape.

I am not an active user of those sites, and would like to have people feedback on the thread in the VNDB forums (anon posting should be allowed). Your input would be welcome and appreciated.
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Old 2007-11-19, 20:14
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great site!
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