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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2008-09-30, 06:26
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Don't look at me, I would go nuts over Shintani Ryoko if she ever voice acted for novel games :V
Kunisaki Yukito is a flooging pervert. He makes a mother finger her daughter to get off his sick kicks, have two sisters paizuri his cock while slobbering all over it, and he raped another in the rain. From Behind. I bet he assreamed the ghostly loli too.
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Old 2008-09-30, 07:36
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There are visual novels I wouldn't want to see without voices, and there are ones, I wouldn't want to see with voices.
In my opinion, it depends heavily on the kind of novel. For instance, as mentioned before, a voiced Kana ~imouto~ would be... well, I'd prefer without. On the other side, I enjoy VA in more light-hearted ADVs.

All in all, I don't necesserally need voices - but for some genres it's nice to have them and can deepen the 'feel'.
~ EusthEnoptEron
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Old 2008-09-30, 12:11
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Originally Posted by jyuichi View Post
Lastly.... can someone summarize each paragraph with a bit more detail? At least when citing that line of the japanese post in your own.
Be careful what you wish for....

I understand because I've made my own novel games, but TV anime and Drama are basically comprised of a "script" just like that for a play. However, novel games feel like it's just the voices for the spoken lines in a novel...Do you understand? That's why it feels off when there are voices.
Before, in the low-price game Tumamigui 2, a low budget novel eroge by Alicesoft, they countered by making use of voices only for the H-scenes, and this decision was splendid. Having voices for the H-scenes goes directly to the crotch, and was extremely effective, however if they had voices even for the everyday-part, it would have taken time to create and money for recording, so they didn't. In actuality, when I played it, I didn't feel anything was off.
With regards to voicing, once you record something, you can no longer edit the scenario. With text you can fix it in a flash and update it with the sounds. Furthermore, the amount of vocals needed for novel games is large so the amount of labor for cutting, pasting, and linking a message worth of data is enormous. This might be why problems come up here so often.
 この業界「他社がやっているから」という理由で、費用対価をよく考えずに追随することが、開発費の高騰を 招いているところがありますから。
Lately I've been putting aside even action games where the event scenes are typically full voice, but we should probably think about, "Are they just full voiced out of precedent and habit?" They weren't there at all in the beginning, so users should be able to imagine the voices well enough from just the text.
まあ、PCからコンシューマ移植の際、差別化として売りにするのは間違っていないとは思いますが。それな ら追加シナリオの方がうれしいけどなあ・・・
Well, when it's ported from PC to the consumers it's probably to boost sales by distinguishing it, but if that's case, I'd be happier if they added scenarios...

There you go. a quick, unchecked trans, but. and you can see where I snickered at.
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Old 2008-09-30, 18:42
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Hahah! The phrase "directly to the crotch" Has never been used in a less painful context.
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Old 2008-10-14, 03:55
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You can say I have no imagination, but I prefer having voices. It helps me imagine the scenes better. Of course, that's assuming we're talking about professional VAs...

I just like voices in general. For example, I really like listening to drama CDs.
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