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Old 2010-01-06, 12:27
Ian Kaminari
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Default Help with CLANNAD


I'm a member of a brazilian translation group and we are translating clannad full voice version to portuguese

I tried to extract the texts (.UTF and .ke files) from SEEN.txt file using the RLDEV Tools but an error ocurred...

I did the following:
- I created the PATH variable and the environment variable in windows...
- And applied the comand: " kprl -d -e utf8 C:\key\clannad_fv\seen.txt " to extract the resources

But the error "Error: expected [%\(] in get_expr_term, found 0x20 near 0x000665" apears

The files "SEEN0001.utf" and "" were extracted, but there wasn't any text in the .utf file

I looked all around the forum but didn't find anything which could help me.. =/

Please! Could anybody help me please?

Thanks! And I'm sorry for the poor english.. ^^'
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Old 2010-01-06, 17:36
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Clannad FV and LB!EX, as well as other modern titles from VisualArt's, use a more modern version of RealLive with a more modern SEEN.TXT format. I guess rldev doesn't support these yet since Haeleth's been in hibernation for who knows how long.
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Old 2010-01-09, 22:33
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I think there's a slightly more up-to-date version of rldev in the English translation project's subversion repository that should work with CLANNAD FV:

Actually compiling rldev wasn't exactly trivial back when it was actively being maintained, due to Haeleth's choice of somewhat esoteric languages and libraries. It's even more difficult with modern versions of those tools, since a lot of stuff has changed. If you do try to compile it, unless you're an ocaml expert, I'd recommend using the exact versions of the various tools and libraries that are specified in the readme.
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Old 2010-01-21, 10:36
Ian Kaminari
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Hello again!

Actually, I'm working with the SEEN versions used by the translators from Baka-tsuki , and even the ones are for the Patch Voice give this kind of error. What velocity7 is using?

Well, two things:

How do I do this update on rlDev? I don't know much about programation, but I've tried to read several tutorials but I didn't understand much.

And, anyone knows how to compile again images to the format .g00???

I would be really pleased if you could explain me, we wanna spred better the Visual Novel in Brasil

thanks !
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