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Production & Help For discussions regarding production aspects, especially localisation, of visual novels and related games.

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Old 2013-07-22, 11:07
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Default RealliveMax SDK

Hello guys!

I've found a download link of RealliveMax SDK. Wih this SDK, you can create your own VN with RealLive Engine. As far as I could understand the usage you can :

-Create your VN character sprites and save them to .g00
-Format in-game musics into .nwa
-Create GAN animations .etc

I didn't understand so much, because the SDK was fully Japanese and I don't know how to read and write in Japanese :( Maybe it would help someone to make or modify Reallive VN's.

Link :

To download: Click to the tiny box then click the button next to that tiny box. Download will be started ;)

Usage: -Extract the files into any folder
-Enter RealLiveèJö¡èTï½
-In the üŞ00_èJö¡èTï½ folder, there is an executable file named Tpc2000Max.exe. You can create
and compile your projects (Also there is an example project named Angel Magister in this folder, find and install it :D )
-In the üŞ01_â}âjâàâAâï folder, there are manual files of Real Live and many text files, codes etc.
-The tools are in üŞ02_âcü[âï folder. You can Pack/Repack files into .G00, .NWA, edit animations etc.
-In the üŞ04_âTâôâvâïâfü[â folder, I think there are some example files
-I think there are examples in üŞ07_â`âàü[âgâèâAâïæfıÌ too.

P.S: The link I found seems to be slow. Soon I upload the files in to Putlocker, Mediafire etc. to download faster ;)

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