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Old 2007-02-22, 21:33
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Question [al|together 2006 release] A Dream of Summer

Hello, people. I have some questions and comments about "A Dream of Summer". Since I couldn't find the translator's contact info in the readme or on their site, I thought I would post them here.

I enjoyed reading through A Dream of Summer, which took me roughly three hours to complete with all three endings. The story was a tad predictable, but I didn't feel it was a waste of time. The artwork is pleasant to look at, even if the characters look a lot younger than they should. The music was fitting, though nothing really leapt out at me. Most importantly, the translation did a good job of preserving subtle nuances. The English text seems to flow naturally with nothing missing or out of place (at least, in my opinion).

When I was playing through the game the third time, my jaw nearly dropped at the creator's "Holy Land" gag. While seamlessly integrated into the visual novel, I wasn't exactly expecting a minigame of this sort. Granted, Toshiki's asides make it quite clear that he is a bit of a perv, but... No, I'd better shut up for the sake of those who have not yet played it.

I have two questions. First, I currently have 93% of the artwork unlocked. I am missing two CG in the bottom-right of the first page. Am I correct in assuming that these are unlocked via the Holy Land game? And if so, how? Going for the best distance does not seem to be getting me anywhere...

Second, I noticed the readme mentions a "God Mode". I managed to get 44964mm on my own, but I am curious as to how this mode is activated or unlocked. If they tell you in the game, please point me in the right direction instead of flat-out telling me.

For those who prefer "happily-ever-after" style endings, I should warn you that the endings of A Dream of Summer are bittersweet at best. Nonetheless, it is a worthwhile read, even if it isn't thought-provoking or heart-stopping.
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