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Old 2008-05-30, 16:46
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Default Clannad Full Voice Question

I'm keen on purchasing Clannad, the visual novel. Just a few questions (I'm new to this):

- Is it possible to play it with English Windows XP?
- I heard a translation is available. Does it work on the full voice version?
- Does the game come with any goods? It's quite expensive, so I wonder if there're any bonus contents.

Thanks heaps.
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Old 2008-05-30, 17:19
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Yes it iruns on EN windows by using a program called applocale (someone confirm this) or by changing your nonunicode settings to Japanese (how I play it). It might possibly run without these modifications after patching.

The patch makers intend for the patch to work with FULLVOICE but the hacking isn't quite done yet. Note : there is no patch for any version yet. The ones floating around were compiled of the wiki without permission and may contain viruses.

"regular edition" Clannad came with a nifty visual guidebook and a huge box but it was more than FV so I can't confirm that. FV Clannad is actually cheap for a commercial visual novel and cheaper than regular edition.
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Old 2008-05-30, 17:32
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There's a lot of shitty SEEN.TXTs floating around. You'll have to do a bit of manual work to get them to work well (word wrapping etc.) in Clannad Full Voice.

It's not that hard, though.

HOWEVER, my advice is to 1) wait, or 2) play it in Japanese. The current translation is, in roughly equal portions, well translated prose, adequately translated engrish and cleaned up babelfish.

It's impossible to tell how the editing process is going because evidently the team aren't doing status updates on the site for this.

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Old 2008-06-04, 00:45
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Thanks for the replies. I'm keen on purchasing the original version of Clannad's VN. So, I checked out Amazon Japan:

The second hand ones are reasonable (price-wise). However, I'm concerned that they don't contain the fanbook and original soundtrack. As for first hand ones:

All over 100USD? Are you kidding? Either I've made a mistake somewhere, or this is plain ridiculous.

Where else can I purchase a copy from? I appreciate all suggestions. Thanks a lot.

P.S. I guess not just VNs, but purchasing otaku goods online in general. Know any sites with good bargains? If so, please share links.
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Old 2008-06-04, 00:50
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Originally Posted by M12 View Post
The second hand ones are reasonable (price-wise). However, I'm concerned that they don't contain the fanbook and original soundtrack.
No version of Clannad comes with the original soundtrack. The original, first press version that you linked to comes with a small arrange CD, but the actual soundtrack has to be purchased separately. I don't believe any of them come with any fanbook either, but I don't have it so I can't confirm that part.

And no, you didn't make a mistake. Old, limited edition items do generally go for a fair bit of money. Unless you really want that old arrange CD to the point you're willing to sacrifice the voices and increased resolution of the full voice version to get it, you're best getting the full voice. Cheaper, for one thing.
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Old 2008-06-04, 01:53
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I personally think Clannad FV is a better buy, even without the extras. Quite simply:

1) It's so much more fun to play Clannad with voices, and the 800x600 isn't too bad
2) You can do without the arrange CD. The visual fanbook is nice, but you don't need it
3) Cheaper.
4) The only other way to get voices is to then buy a copy of Clannad PS2 at added expense and apply a voice patch.
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