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Old 2009-10-11, 08:04
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Lightbulb New Visual-Novel translation group!

Ahem...oki first of all HI \/ ^_^, second I am the kind of guy that will start doing anything that comes to his mind(yea I had and have a lot of hobbies ( >_>) ) anyhoo I like anime a lot, its one of the few things I continued to like after a pretty long period of time, thus I decided to start a VN translation group, btw experience is not needed, I don`t think I can get that -_-, but if I can it would be great....err...oh yea we need:

-as many programmers as possible(to make the patch mostly and some other minor thingys)~I might help there

-as many translators as possible(japanese-english)~ again I might help here as well, but I am not fluent

And thats pretty much everything for now...I and maybe a few other people will cover the rest(webdesign,cg editing,etc),but if you are interested in a different job feel free to contact me ^_^!

So if you are interested contact me on: ---><---

PS: Experience is not needed but a certain degree of knowledge is <of course> needed!
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Old 2009-10-11, 08:30
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Go away, you've already bugged us at VNDB. :P
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Old 2009-10-11, 08:42
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A web designer and image editor starting a translation group?

Good luck.
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Old 2009-10-11, 10:01
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We`ve got a editor as well and maybe 2 programers!
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Old 2009-10-11, 11:54
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Sounds like the original poster would be better off asking if there's a translation group who needs their services.
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Old 2009-10-11, 14:54
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The translator is the first thing you should have when starting a translation group :/
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Old 2009-10-11, 18:09
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Next you're going to tell me you need a chef to have a restaurant.
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Old 2009-10-11, 19:12
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Originally Posted by rodan View Post
Next you're going to tell me you need a chef to have a restaurant.
Read: first thing
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Old 2009-10-11, 23:08
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And the journey wouldn't be possible without a skilled navigator...
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Old 2009-10-12, 11:55
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Hey! I wanna make a new tr. group. I can be a beta tester only though. And only if you buy me that game.
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Old 2009-10-12, 17:56
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Originally Posted by Enerccio View Post
Hey! I wanna make a new tr. group. I can be a beta tester only though. And only if you buy me that game.
Buy? We love these games so much, we want to make sure everyone can pirate them!

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Old 2009-10-15, 09:33
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Cool We`ve partially done it ^_^

We`ll we have 2 editors, 2 programmers and 1 translator...still waiting for ppl if you are still interested!
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Old 2009-10-16, 11:48
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Eh, sure. I could join as quality controller and image editor. Setting up IRC channel would be the best way to get the team discuss stuff together, so I suggest that you do that.
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Old 2009-10-16, 22:58
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Talking ^_^

Thanks for the offer and advise...if still interested please email me ^_^
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Old 2009-10-25, 12:02
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[21:06] <Vodka> Does translator have scripts yet?
[21:06] <@Sevodax> no because of the time
[21:06] <@Sevodax> god damn you TIME!!
[21:06] <@Sevodax> sent him a email though
[21:06] <Vodka> ...Containing the scripts?
[21:07] <@Sevodax> (<_< ) ~ ( >_>) ?
[21:07] <@Sevodax> not safe >_>
[21:07] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> ...
[21:07] * %Hyo|HalfwayTHAR facepalms YET AGAIN
[21:07] <@Sevodax> ahahaah,awkward>
[21:08] <Vodka> Why would it not be safe?!
[21:08] <@Sevodax> its email...
[21:08] <Vodka> And what danger comes from others getting untranslated scripts?
[21:08] <Vodka> If anything, somebody else might decide to translate the game.
[21:09] <@Sevodax> -.-
[21:09] <Vodka> Less work for us! Hooray!
[21:09] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> oh em geee! competition! shokku! ()o()
[21:09] <@Sevodax> wouldn`t be great...we would look very stupid if someone would start doing our project(and even finish it before)
[21:10] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> oh man
[21:10] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> are you really THAT naive as to believe someone would get our scripts from an email?
[21:10] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> oh dude
[21:10] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> you never cease to amaze me
(This happened after lots of CGs with pissing were posted. And that was just one heroine)
[21:35] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> i get the feeling i'm going to fucking hate the H-scenes...especially editing them
[21:36] <@Sevodax> lol?
[21:36] <Vodka> We can still say in good consience something like "Sorry, Princess Lover turned out to be nothing like the anime, and it had lots of pissing. We're doing something better."
[21:36] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> "...and then she pissed all over me"
[21:36] <@Sevodax> No we are doing PL
[21:36] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> i'll prolly have to paste this phrase into all the routes
[21:36] <@Sevodax> lol
[21:37] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> urg...just curious... why in the nine fucking hells did you choose PL?
[21:37] <@Sevodax> many ppl saiod they wanted PL -.-
[21:37] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> if it has a good plot,i'm willing to forgive
[21:37] <@Sevodax> *said
[21:37] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> people?!
[21:37] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> holy fuck...
[21:37] <@Sevodax> yea went on irc channels and asked around
[21:37] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> i'm getting a bad feeling
[21:37] <Vodka> They want it because of anime!
[21:38] <Vodka> And that is totally different from game!
[21:38] <%Hyo|HalfwayTHAR> i haven't seen the anime >.>
[21:38] <@Sevodax> -.- so long as they want it its ok!!
[22:07] <@Sevodax> OK listen up I am willing to put PL on HOLD if you can find the engine from kurenai no tsuki( second most wanted from the guys I asked)
[22:08] <%Vodka> The people who do know what it's like are going OMGNO.
[22:08] <@Sevodax> though I seriously doubt you can find the engine
[22:08] <~draringi> some at fakku liked it...
[22:08] <@Sevodax> ^most
[22:09] <%Vodka> This should take a moment.
[22:09] <%Vodka> Well, day or something.
[22:09] <@Sevodax> what?  .
[22:09] <~draringi> ...
[22:10] <@Sevodax> a dat -.-
[22:10] <@Sevodax> day
[22:10] <&protector> ...dat...
[22:11] <@Sevodax> I thought you were a tsundere...I don`t like you anymore, hmphhh >_>
[22:11] <&protector> draringi, Fakku can is for hentai freaks like you...
[22:11] <@Sevodax> lol
[22:11] <@Sevodax> insulted by your slave...that has to suck -.0
[22:11] <~draringi> ouch...
[22:12] <~draringi> i'll unassign him!!!
[22:12] <@Sevodax> don`t
[22:12] <@Sevodax> we need him -.-
[22:12] * &protector ( has left #BCT (UNASSIGN from draringi)
[22:12] * siIent (m0@E8B108E0.BD4E6CC6.A7E5933C.IP) has joined #BCT
[22:12] <@Sevodax> hi silent
[22:13] <siIent> hiya
[22:13] <~draringi> who is siIent?
[22:13] <~draringi> ...
[22:13] <%Vodka> Okay, Sevo.
[22:13] <%Vodka> Kurenai is Kirikiri game.
[22:13] <%Vodka> It can be easily hacked.
[22:13] <@Sevodax> wow that was fast

[16:23] <&Sevodax> did you do the logo, vodka?
[16:23] <%Vodka> Nope.
[16:23] <&Sevodax> -.-'
[16:23] <&Sevodax> when will it be done?
[16:24] <%Vodka> I figured that since we may not be doing the PL, using time on something related to that would be silly.
[16:24] <&Sevodax> well I decided to do PL...I`m not willing to postphone the activity of the team for another month
[16:24] <%Vodka> Another month?!
[16:24] <&Sevodax> Sent the script to the tl btw
[16:24] <%Vodka> How so?
[16:25] <&Sevodax> yes dra won`t download untill next month
[16:25] <%Vodka> Why would this postpone the team by month?
[16:25] <%Vodka> Dra doesn't need to download it until later.
[16:25] <&Sevodax> Dra HAS to download it first
[16:25] <%Vodka> Why?
[16:25] <&Sevodax> he`s the programmer...remember?
[16:25] <%Vodka> If ViruX gets the scripts for us.
[16:26] <&Sevodax> I won`t accept scripts given from outside the team
[16:26] <%Vodka> Dra can iron out the engine stuff while the translation is already going- oh what the hell.
[16:26] <%Vodka> Why wouldn't you accept them?!
[16:26] <&Sevodax> anyway please do the logo...the deadline is tomorrow
[16:27] <%Vodka> No, I need to hear the explanation for this.
[16:27] <&Sevodax> 1 I don`t trust outside data
[16:27] <&Sevodax> 2 it wouldn`t be right towards dra
[16:28] <%Vodka> 1 -> That's foolish, ViruX is a well known hacker and he can be trusted.
[16:28] <%Vodka> 2 -> How?
[16:28] <&Sevodax> maybe but he is not in the team
[16:28] <%Vodka> Maybe we could get outside help?
[16:29] <&Sevodax> Dra accepted this job I can`t just ask someone else to do his job...especially ifthat someone is not in the team!
[16:29] <%Vodka> This stuff happens in VN translation scene all the time. Also, he's already doing it.
[16:29] <&Sevodax> who doing what?
[16:30] <%Vodka> Hell, ViruX started working on getting scripts without asking when I said that there's possibility we'd do it.
[16:30] <&Sevodax> I did not ask him...that problem does not concer me!
[16:31] <&Sevodax> *concern
[16:31] <%Vodka> What concerns everybody else is that you're sticking to faulty project for silly reasons.
[16:31] <&Sevodax> I have to FIRST think of the team then the public!
[16:32] <%Vodka> Oh, now it's like that? What happened to PUBLIC WANTS IT thing?
[16:32] <&Sevodax> I said the public comes first but if it would create a team problem...then I have to put the team first!
[16:33] <%Vodka> What if team members have problem with this?
[16:33] <&Sevodax> you`re the ONLY one that has a problem with this
[16:33] <%Vodka> What about Hyoketsu?
[16:34] <&Sevodax> end of subject...I am not discussing this with you anymore...hyo said he`s alright with it
[16:34] <%Vodka> He was very much in the favour of the other game too. Especially after he found out that it's about pissing.
[16:34] <&Sevodax> I am asking you the LAST time...are you in or out?
[16:34] <%Vodka> Hmm, I'll be out.

Very nice.
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