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Old 2006-04-27, 09:38
HIGHWAY99 HIGHWAY99 is offline
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Default Adventure clients

What a pain it can be to do searches when the keywords your stuck using happen to be well used words. Anyways I'm looking for some plugins or other tools for not only archives but graphics/sounds/music/scripts as well for the "Adventure" clients. Both Adv 95 and Adv v1.00 that i've seen several old games use. Some of them by maybesoft. I know High School Days's graphics can be read by one plugin, unfortunately it doesn't handle many others and have yet to find one for Adv scripts (bin,mpx) and archives. Aspecially looking for .HHP graphics plugin for (not the one for HSD) rather it works with the style used on Adv95 client (.HHP) or pc98 rom(s) (.MIK).

Am working on a few projects including what might have to end up being just a demo/partical game of an old old may-be soft title, but would like to work on batching a few older games over to a client which gives greater ease to actually working on them, and hopefully give people a reason to actual try their hands at them were-as they might not care to with dealing with the hassles of the other clients.

Also looking for Foster/Otaku plugins (like .MRS graphics & MDT scripts).

P.S.: Still working on *COUGH*-PH3-*COUGH* and the m-bs title is *COUGH*-CH-*COUGH* for those who care to figure out what i'm saying. Just lacking appropriate help to get much done on most projects. But if any groups would like another hand to help them, I'd be glad to lend a hand for scripting, some graphics work, text parsing, text inserting, or a little bit of other stuff.

P.P.S.: Sorry for the making your eyes go dizzy from reading this all. ;)
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Old 2006-05-06, 14:11
HIGHWAY99 HIGHWAY99 is offline
Join Date: Apr 2006
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Hmm, still no luck with finding working plug-ins or tools for those. I did get bored today though and see about starting to add to my PH3 Script Parser again. This time fixing it up so i can Flush scripts for PH2 out to put in a new client and see about fixing a copy up that wont have text running off the screen anymore on newer PC's. Am still working on PH3, though. However PH3 is more TL, Editing, & Final Scripting+Debugging. That might not get far though unless I find people to help with TL & text Editing to lesson my own work load and get away from using just Machine TL which annoys me to no end.

Also, I'm still working on fixing up the images and resources that I have so far for CH. Was enjoying that, even if doing choice rutines for that game is surely going to cause me to die of early age.

Well if anyone has knowledge or knows the whereabouts of any plugins or tools for older [f o s t e r] games, [m a y - b e s o f t] 's CH (not high school days), or [s c o o p]'s & such games that use the "Adventure" clients...feel free to drop me a pm or something.

Hmm, and if anyone ever wants decides to get a group together to work on the full version of Hanihani ~OS~... feel free to let me know. I've done quite a bit of work with extracting of text, fixing the log-window bug for both full & trial a while back, and pretty much inserted all the trial text into the full's script. Even did a bit of graphics work, though I can't say that I had anymore ambission to do the graphics for the DATE's than other did...(can ya blame anyone?!?!).

...weird, somehow writing up a forum post kind of helps relax after coding tools & playing around with studying scripts.
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