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General Discussion Theres a Clannad of AIR-headed Kanon fodder being shot by the Little Busters After Tomoyo on a Planet-arian.

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Old 2008-08-14, 12:21
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Konnichi wa minna!

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy since coming back from the con! ^^;

My crew and I had a wonderful time! A few of us cleaned out the dealer's room (not me -_-;)

As far as what I got:

Mizuiro DVD ver (Hen Da Ne)... my special order
Higurashi Daybreak (Hen Da Ne)
Tsukihime Plus Period artbook (Kinokuniya)
Lia - Diamond Days 2 disc set (Kinokuniya)
Baldr Force EXE Resolution (Funimation)... good but not great -_-;
Last 2 discs of Pani Poni Dash (ADV)
Adventures in Voice Acting (Bang Zoom!)... went to the panel, got a ticket for it, why not?
JAM Project T-shirt

My quality vs. quantity goal wins again XD

I was able to make a Kano (AIR) cosplayer happy when I recognized her in line for the Naoko Takeuchi panel ^^ Oh and it seems that 2 of the series that ADV is looking at as a part of their 23 new licenses are:

ef ~A Tale of Memories~

We got a "wink wink nudge nudge" when someone asked about them! (Thank you whoever you are!!! ;D) Now lets just get Kyle Jones back in the director's chair for when they do get the licenses!

Well that's all for now!

Ja, ne
Breathe Deep.
The answers are all around you.
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Old 2008-08-14, 18:44
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It's interesting ADV is picking up CLANNAD when the recently lost air and kanon. Regardless a R1 CLANNAD release is a good thing. Now if only an american company would bring over the game. *sigh* I can dream...

I was also at the visual novel tutorial. Good job PyTom. I had always wanted to mess around with ren'py but never got around to it until then. I was impressed by how easy it was to get started and how nicely setup ren'py was. The workshop actually sparked my friend's interest causing him to begin writing a visual novel once he got home.
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Old 2008-08-15, 16:11
Ayato too lazy to log in
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Hey Jrai, were you in the dealer's room and some asian kid said something to you at one point? That was me if so! ^-^

I'm kinda pissed, cuz in the Bandai Suprise, they gave away one of the official poster and stand for Code Geass, and the seat they gave it too was supposed to be mine, but I let someone else have it... T_T
That aside, I picked up...
Free swag from Bandai. (Good amount of it too.)
Code Geass LE
Fujibayashi Kyou Figurine
Hellsing mess. bag
Hitomi My Stepsister
My amourus teacher cherry
Haruhi Shirt
Tengen Toppa Shirt

And backruptcy due to a Wii I bought a few weeks prior.
But Otakon was fun :3 I love watching Gurran Lagann with people. It was fun rewatching.(!!! Must buy LE box for gurren lagann... It comes with a glowy drill!)

I missed Tom's VN panel... Was getting autographs for my cousin... T_T
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