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Production & Help For discussions regarding production aspects, especially localisation, of visual novels and related games.

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Old 2011-05-28, 07:05
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Default Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro na Editor Needed

We are currently at 80% translated script wise, and should be finished or close to it around the end of July. However, we've had a lack of active editors.

If you're a native English speaker, have a good grasp on grammar and word flow, and actually have time to work on it over the next few months, then send me a PM here or a way to contact you.

P.S. The project has a 15+ age rating, but just as a heads up, there is a probability of being able to add in the H-scenes from the original version. We can't say for certain that it'll be implemented, but it is being worked on.

EDIT: Found an editor.

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Old 2011-05-31, 00:29
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Just dropping by to say Good luck :)
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Old 2011-06-10, 03:04
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If you ever need a backup editor, I'm available most of the summer if I'm not working on any other project at the time.
You can either contact me here or here. I'm not checking my normal mail often at all so these two would be the safest bets. Especially the first link as I check that every several hours.
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