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Old 2005-08-26, 00:56
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Default Packaging and savegame issues

Hallo i want to make a package of this great game for our linuxdistribution.
that means i will need to put all datafiles to the directory which is only readable for the normal user.
then i have problem with savegames, because onscript engine saves them in the same directory where also datafiles are.
Is there a way to have datafiles in one dir and then that game save savegame dat files in the users own dir like /home/username/.gamenae/save1.dat ?
Old 2005-08-26, 14:47
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Just to clarify... you're talking about Narcissu, right? I haven't actually looked inside ONScripter, so I don't know if you'd need to modify the ONScripter source or just the Narcissu source. In a worst case scenario, you can have a script that creates symlinks of all the files in the user home directory.
Old 2005-08-26, 17:27
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Originally Posted by zalas
In a worst case scenario, you can have a script that creates symlinks of all the files in the user home directory.
Otherwise, as zalas notes, you'll have to modify the ONScripter source code to get it to do what you want. Offhand, I'd expect that you'd want to recompile ONScripter anyway -- right now, we've statically compiled all its dependencies in.

You should also know -- only ONScripter itself is GPL. The original work -- script, writing, visual media, sound media -- are all free for distribution but may not be modified. Our localization work is licensed under the PFSL.
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