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Spiffy, though I imagine this thread will be moved to the tech forum soon.

As usual, the number of interesting projects far exceeds the number of actual translators available. However, with tools already created, the chances that someone who was somewhat interested, but too intimidated by the technical aspects might rise to the occasion now.

Also, as I'm not an engine hacker, I've been unable to write anything about the topic for my own translation project articles. If you'd like to share your experiences, could I ask you to either write up some documents that I can edit and post onto Neechin (with credit to you of course) to start some small documentation for this sort of work, or put up your experiences somewhere so I could link to them?

In my perception the documentation for this sort of thing is pretty thin. I have a vague memory that gp32 has a few pieces up, and there's probably a bit in other places I don't know about, so I'd like to encourage more sharing in places people can find it.
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