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Default translation project

I dunno if anyone would be able to help, but I'll ask...

At first - I was going to translate (or rather I'm, but some major problems occured) Fate/stay night - from english to polish.
It took me about 2 days before I extracted all xp3, deleted word-wraps, and found word-wraps adding tool. Evertything was fine, but...
I found the same problem, which I had when i was trying to translate Narcissu - translated text (now containing polish characters, like "ą" or "ó") is not displaying in-game.

In case of Narcissu - problem is propably Onscripter, now with F/sn it's Kirikiri...
I really want to translate one of those game into polish.

If anyone has any idea how to make polish characters appear please help!

Thanks in advance.

One more thing - in Narcissu in places where polish chars were used are japanese characters and in F/sn dots...

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