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Originally Posted by Arcane Azmadi View Post
OK, I realize I'm probably the LAST person here to know this (since I get all my news from Anime News Network), but I don't see any threads about it so I have to mention it:

They're making a proper Phantom -Integration- anime this April:

I'm over the moon. I always thought Phantom was so good it NEEDED a proper anime or manga adaptation, but I knew that Phantom The Animation OAV was a joke, being not only badly animated but also not covering more than the game's opening. Oh, this could be SOOO good!
Or, it could be SOOO bad :D Anything from Bee-Train needs to have some proper skepticism, because it could be turned into slow pans over the scenery while listening to people talk. Koichi Mashimo is already involved too, so there's another reason to be skeptical :<

Also, since you seem to be accusing ANN of being slow, I should point out that there was an article about the anime on ANN almost two months ago.
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