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Originally Posted by Online_Outlaw View Post
It should be in the folder wherever youve installed to heart 2 - by default that would be C:\Program Files\Leaf\ToHeart2 XRATED or equivalent on another Operating System. (im running vista)
I guess is the one that says INSTALL this is all that says

ToHeart2 XRATED ToHeart2 XRATED ToHeart2 XRATED ToHeart2.exe Uninstall.exe ToHeart2 XRATED Leaf   DirectX9\dxsetup.exe ・da TH2 ゲームディスク 標準インストール ・da dpl sss  dpl\puzzle.exe ドキドキぱにっくライブラリー sss\SSS.exe スーパースイーツスクランブル INSTALL.INF  Uninstall.exe  ToHeart2.exe  bak.pak  bgm.PAK  fnt.pak  grp.pak  mov.pak  sdt.pak  SE.PAK  voice.pak  dpl\puzzle.exe  dpl\extra.a  dpl\puzzle.a  dpl\puzzle.dll  dpl\puzzle.sys  dpl\sound.a  dpl\texture.a  dpl\voice.a  sss\SSS.exe  sss\bgm.ar2  sss\data.ar2  sss\map00.bin  sss\map10.bin  sss\map11.bin  sss\parts.bin  sss\se.ar2  sss\tex.ar2  sss\voice.ar2   save_%02d.sav c  Sys.sav CONFIG.ini dpl\puzzle.ini dpl\Sys.sav sss\system.sav sss\Ranking.dat sss\replay.dat
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