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Originally Posted by cyborg_alberto
<strike> I think if I upload my Alcohol 120% with a little illegal enhancement called "no-serial patch" for ya - but, It'll happen when the Boss allows "no-serial patches" here (I mean NEVER!) </strike>
I'm not at all keen on pirated software. You know that's not allowed here.

As far as the game playing on DVD, it is part of Hirameki's AnimePlay DVD line, which were designed to be played on DVD players - a hardware player, PC DVD software, your XBox/PS2, etc.

I've yet to try the game on my Toshiba SD2300 Nuon player, but it was slow as hell last night on my girlfriend's Sony. And for those of you who offered advice vis-a-vis Daemon Tools, thanks, but that wasn't quite what I was looking for - I was trying to see the possibility of pairing the data files with a PC executable and getting it to run as a native PC application. Taking a closer look at the disc, though, I realize I was totally mistaken - as Zalas mentioned, everything in the game has just been reduced to DVD video clips, so basically I suppose I'd have to write the game script from scratch, assuming I managed to extract all the audio and visuals (read: Impossible.) While I do have Daemon Tools, I don't think I'd have enough space on my hard drive to mount the disc image, but maybe I'll give it a shot through my PC DVD drive once I set the region back from 2. I've got Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic which both handle DVDs nicely, and I think a copy of PowerDVD was included with the drive when I bought it. I'll give it a shot on my Toshiba player first though.
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