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Originally Posted by 07ChanF
Also if possible obtain Daemon tools version 3.4x since they introduced a opt out adware thing in v4.
If you've gotten Alcohol or Nero 6.6.x.x registered => You don't need Daemon Tools, once these softs have Virtual Drives as well as D-Tools.

HOWEVER... if you wanna...

I have Daemon Tools 3.44. Now, it's time for YOU get the D-tools 3.44 ^_^

Once the D-Tools installer is very little, I've uploaded it in MegaUpload for all here. Take the Daemon tools v3.44 here!

D-Tools uploaded in 14/01/2006. It'll stay in megaupload for at least one month (If NO ONE download it)

Enjoy the non-adware daemon tools while <strike> I think if I upload my Alcohol 120% with a little illegal enhancement called "no-serial patch" for ya - but, It'll happen when the Boss allows "no-serial patches" here (I mean NEVER!) </strike>

See ya!

But... which kind of game works in any DVD-player?
This game works in a "standart" DVD-Player, not a video-game plataform (Like PS, PS2, X-Box) or PC (I mean, the game plays, also, in a DVD-player)!?

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The Humanity...
(But I prefer my Warcraft 3 and my Precious Unreal Tournament)

Enjoy the D-tools anyways!
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