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Originally Posted by Moogy View Post
The PS2 version of Higurashi also replaces the original art and music with vastly inferior and rather generic shit. Say what you will about Ryukishi's art, but at least it has a style.
The art in the PS2 release is technically better (in that proportions look more natural and the art looks more consistent), but yes, it does lack that flavor present in Ryuukishi07's art.
And the music in Matsuri is pretty much just a disgrace... couldn't they have at least put you in?
They did put it back in, in the Kakera-Asobi version, which is the one I am playing. Haven't gotten there, though, since I haven't had time to start playing the "answer arcs" part of the game. I didn't find the music that terrible in the PS2 release, but I haven't played the original PC releases, either.
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