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Naturally we did.
Originally, we (due to our image editor Vodka's idea) asked Mangogamer to inquire Innocent Grey that, was the reason of their C&D is that they want to release official stuff outside Japan, or they just followed Minori & co's suit with last year's craze. They immediately said they're very interested in licensing their games so we joined forces with the two other parties after that.
We kept a low profile due to it being voiceless (AFAIH they were bugging the voicecompany since last summer but they didn't wanna budge), and due to how MG is the one who should be announcing it, not us (especially since they're the one deciding the release date anyway).
Near completion isn't quite accurate though, when the C&D came and we halted to see what we were gonna do, there were still truckloads of stuff to do before it being release worthy.

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