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Default Well....

According to izmosmolnar (lead tler of the team if I recall?)

"No, it's being negotiated between mangagamer and the companies holding rights to it. You have to wait more time on the conclusion of those. What I said here are still how it is now."

And here's the /jp/ post he was referring to.

Anonymous Mon Aug 30 02:38:54 2010 No.6039581

" Project member dude here.
You'll have to wait more because Innogray is a company with a bunch of outsourced relations, whom also have a right to say about licenses, and even ask compensations, and all those relations require negotiations, which has been ongoing for a good while, and we still don't have any idea when they finish or even what the outcome is going to be. We also have nfc how innogray feels about the changes we made in the engine so they likely will go over and see whether they'd be satisfied.
You're going to have to wait more just like we do.
That said, the editor of this project had lots of irl issues this summer so he's still not fully finished with the editing anyway, and even when he'll be, the TL would still have to go another round, so it's incorrect to say that the full thing is ready.
And while we are at it there are still engine bugs anyway, so yeah. Now stop asking please. "
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