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Heheh. Thanks, guys. Although I have a hard time getting the height just right, I can throw at 100% power no problem.

I've come across a weird problem. I have been playing the game for a little while and managed to finish God Mode. However, when I accessed the CG Mode after finishing God Mode, my mouse clicks stopped responding. I had to force-shutdown the program (twice) to regain control of my computer (and sacrifice a 49500 in Master Mode and a perfect score in God Mode! NOOO!!!).

I tried it a third time, restarting the game each time I unlocked a new mode. My current (albeit lower) scores are as follows:

Normal Mode: 50000 (yeah!)
Master Mode: 48500
God Mode: 48000

The problem is when I got to CG Mode. The two slots I mentioned before are now filled in, and my percentage reads 110%, but now the slot in the upper-left is empty. I had the same display earlier, but now my mouse reacts just fine. Any ideas?

I'll try finishing the game again to see if that refills the first CG slot. This is definitely odd.
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