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This a wonderful piece; it's definitely one of the strongest in this year's altogether in terms of the emotions its capable of bringing out from its readers.

Moonshine definitely had some had its thought-provoking moments with subject of transsexuality lingering throughout the whole story. However, I think at its core, its about the deep relationship shared between the two protagonists.

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Great game. Thanks for this translation ;)

I really like the song "Mai song".
On the official website you can find the short version of it but I'd like to find the long version.
Did they release the OST on a CD or is it available on DL ?
Hm...I'm doubting that there is an OST, since a majority of its BGM seems to come from free sources...

However, you can extract all the music files (along with all the other resources used for the game, such as the images in the CG gallery) by extracting it from the game's "arc.nsa" file using the NSAOut dev tool found at insani's NScripter site.

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