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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Working perfectly on Windows7 x64.
Thanks Edger.
Originally Posted by Aggressor View Post
Wanted to read this one since watched the anime. No, I liked anime ending, but in the process there were too many mistakes I'd gladly correct.
No, not this. Actually, I wanted to thank you, Edger. And on behalf of Russian-speaking VN community too. Surprised? Anyway, you've done a HUGE work, thanks for your efforts and devotion.
Gotta start reading right now...
No problem, and enjoy.

Originally Posted by Ojamajo_LimePie View Post
I think the problem is that I have a different release of the game. I have the Canvas Complete Box release.
Is that the one bundled with Canvas fandisc, Canvas 2 + fan disc, and Canvas 3? That's interesting to know that it doesn't work with that version... You would think they're the same. Maybe it's the CD version of Canvas 2 or something? No, that wouldn't make sense either. Does it run with the original files at least?

Originally Posted by Mazyrian View Post
Congrats, and thanks. I'll think I'll get to play this soon.
And I guess that that's the case, but you don't miss much not having played the Canvas 1, right? I'd guess only the setting is the same?
I know in the Canvas 2 anime, they have cameos from Canvas 1. That's not the case in the eroge though. You don't need to know anything about Canvas 1 to enjoy Canvas 2.
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