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Default Saya no Uta Mouse Problems

I'm sorry if I shouldn't be posting this here. I found this site through Google and saw there other issues with VNs being posted, so I hope it's okay if I post my problem here, and hopefully someone can help me. If this shouldn't be here, please close or move as appropriate.

I have what I believe to be two problems with Saya no Uta. The first problem is that whenever there is any clickable object in the screen the mouse will automatically cycle through them, preventing me from freely moving it. This is a minor "problem" assuming it's unintentional. I can just wait for my mouse to cycle to the choice I want, and then click it.

The main problem is that whenever I start to play Saya, a menu comes up with options for fast forwarding and rewinding the text. I can click the Return button to close out of the menu, but it'll come back. Sometimes it won't come back for five seconds, most of the time it'll come back instantly. I can click the text and advance the story between the menu coming back up, but it always rewinds the text. My mouse doesn't even have to be in the window, and the rewind button will keep being "clicked."

I've tried installing from the disc twice, I've ripped the image from the disc and installed from the ISO. A friend sent me an ISO from his disc, and although his copy works on his computer, it doesn't work on mine. I've tried playing it patched and un-patched, and the problem persists.

I managed to find a single person with the mouse problem, and no one had responded to him yet, even though his post was a year old. Either the control problem isn't really a problem, or it's rare. He didn't say anything about the rewind problem, but it makes the game completely unplayable.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit, in Japanese locale at the moment, but I've tried running the game in English with NTLEA and Applocale too.
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