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That depends on the kind of game you're into. I personally don't consider RTS games 'strategy' games. I consider them 'tactics' games. You can't have as much complexity in a RTS game as you can in a turn-based strategy game. Try comparing Age of Empires to any of the KOEI simulation games like RoTK or PTO.

On the other hand, it seems that the majority of VN style games that incorporate other elements only put mediocre effort into the other parts.
I really liked Utawarerumono - it was actually the first VN-style game I played, thanks to the anime - but the battle portions of the game were not very impressive. They reminded me of Shining Force - which isn't a bad thing... just not impressive for a game today. Of course, maybe I'm being too harsh on a game made in 2002.
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