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Default The Leaf Thread

I wonder if there's enough fans of Leaf here to start a generic thread about Leaf...

To start off, here's a juicy tidbit from MOONPHASE:
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According to an upcoming interview with Naoya Shimokawa, head of Leaf, their upcoming 3D RPG, Kimi ga Yobu, Megido no Oka de, is currently around 70-80% complete, due to having been in development concurrently with Tears to Tiara PS3. A backport to a 18+ PC game doesn't seem likely due to the high specs required for computers running it and the voice acting from the all ages version would have issues being used in a 18+ version. Even if there were to be a backport, it would have to be an all ages one at least 2 years down the road.

Leaf apparently is also planning to release a package consisting of renewal versions of Shizuku and Kizuato by the end of the year. What's amusing is that they're also planning to include the DOS versions which have been tweaked to run under Windows. I'm going to be looking forward to this...

Lastly, it looks like former Key writer Suzumoto, who's now working at Leaf, is working on a new work that takes place in a modern setting with fantasy elements thrown in and expects to release this in one year at the earliest.
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