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@Ascaloth: Hmm, josh seems to have a soft spot for piano-based music, which is why I suggested him. I know that his submission criteria is rather harsh, but I believe it's just to keep to random people from asking him to transcribe completely unrelated stuff.

He also transcribed a few eroge OSTs, like Kanon and To Heart, so hopefully Narcissu should be ok with him.

Ultimately, it's his choice as to whether he wants to transcribe it or not. If he's interested, great, if not, then too bad - there's no harm in just asking him :) I can ask josh on your behalf, if you like.

As for DJ Bouche, I'm not too sure about how to contact him either - he hasn't specifically said that he would entertain requests.

@Ayato: Fantastic! One song down, 3 to go!
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