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Originally Posted by Pipa View Post's been a while...will there be a translation project or not? Masat01 stopped even trolling about doing Baldr Sky, and Amaterasy most certainly won't do it (after Ixerc giving a 9.5 to muvluv). TakaJun at Yandere seemed to like phase 2, (he said before, that among other things, he doesn't want to pick up baldr sky, because, he doesn't know what dive 2 will be like, but it turned out now that he enjoyed it) but they have two projects right now...
Last but not least, there is Strato, who is...silent, even if he is doing anything. I'm not very experienced in VN dramas, but is it like this with each project? 4 "could be" translators and a big question mark about the status?
I heard Strato got in touch with a hacker (the guy hacking Majikoi, since they're both on the same engine) and they're waiting on that. A site with updates on it would be nice, though.
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