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no, it's pure crap.
it gets worse and worse with every episode, all EP1-4 is just a fiction. And then every episode is just a FICTION (and I mean fiction inside fiction). It was all a dream trope, basically.

Uh, the games clearly and explicitly say that they are fiction at the beginning of every episode. Perhaps that word means something other than what you think it means?

To answer the OP's question: there isn't any inherent association between episodes 1 and 5, 2 and 6, and so on. 1-4 collectively are the "question arcs" that develop the mystery of the events on Rokkenjima (each episode basically retells the story slightly differently and with different perspectives.) If you're really sharp, you might be able to start piecing things together from the additional clues, but the characters themselves don't start figuring too much out until later in the series. 5-8 collectively are the "answer arcs" that begin to unravel the mystery. 5 does not answer all of the questions raised in 1, though. The episodes are meant to be read in order (all question arcs first, then the answer arcs); you shouldn't try to interleave the question and answer arcs.

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