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The live feed for the MG panel just started:

I'll edit anything worth mentioning into this post:

Go! Go! Nippon!
since we like having a wide variety, the first title is Go Go Nippon, which will be our next all age releases
as you noticed by now, you can view the english or japanese or both in the game

one thing we haven't talked about is the show photo button

if you are playing the game and you have an internet connection active, it will take you there on google maps

and it has another function which we don't have a screenshot of, when you load the game, you can load the currency rate, and at the end of the game, it will tell you how much money you spent
Ef - a fairy tale of two
we're doing debug and minori has to finish (stuff lost)

and hopefully we'll have this out at the end of this year if minori get their stuff done
Dear Drops
we were trying to have the demo for otakon, but overdrive had to attend a convention in taiwan
how about you give us a release date?

I'm hoping to be done with the translation by sept or october... so hopefully early next year
Harem Party
so this our latest game from tactics, one of the subbrands of nexon

and it's called Harem Party
I'm about an 8th of the way through testing, it's due thursday...

and i'll blame it on the text inserters if you ask me later

so if it's delayed... that's why
Conquering the Queen
Conquering the Queen

this is our latest game from Liquid, one of nexton's harder brands

that's the title we're giving it

others may not it as mashou no nie(?), or the queen and princess are your rewards
We Love Master
probably the best thing i can tell you about this game is we're releasing it on august 1st
we're getting ready to launch video distribution on our website

some will be download to own

most of which hentai video

we made a deal with the studio "Discovery"

who is well known for their animation of many visual novels

many of which are out of print classics

including one we'll be launching

night shift nurses, uncut, uncensored
and the second one, we've gotten, is... why are you manga gamer if you don't sell manga

we have worked out a license with akitashinsha... comic tenma...

(not sure on name)
(and a few others)

we have several different mangas coming out

some of which have already been released by icarus
Q: Working with more 7th expansion titles?
A: Ray(?) is a possibility, We're hoping that higurashi sells more first
Pretty sure it refers to Higurashi Rei

Q: Working with Type-Moon?
A; their case is interesting, i'll leave it at that
Q: Progress on age negotiations?
A; Progress, yes.
Say anything officially, no. Kinda the ef situation
we are actually in negotiations with several other companies

we had a post about the top 10 most requested companies

there's a 3rd company on that list we're in talks with

and a few other companies we're talking with include some now familar faces
Q: My problem with the stuff you have released is that they aren't game games, so maybe if you got a contract with someone like alicesoft
A: That would be nice... as to the rest of that question.. (he whistles)
Stay tuned
Possibly refers to the Circus game with gameplay they spoke about like a year ago?

Q: Navel?
A: we're talking with them to get oretsuba
that's going well, but we don't have it yet
2 new blog posts from MG:

Conquering the Queen:

Harem Party:

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