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HowTo: _inmm.dll
1- Download the file and extract it in a the place you want the program to run from (note: there is no Installer, just extract it somewhere, and keep it there).
2- Run _inmmcnf.exe
3- In the method Tab it will ask you what program to use when playing a certine file type.
3a - The Left part show the file extension.
3b - The Right side show the player to use (choose what ever you like).
3c - set the Default player to what ever you like best.
4- The player Tab let you select the location of each player. (if you are using DirectShow in the first Tab then ignore this Tab.
5- Ignore the General Tab and go to the Patch Tab.
6- In the Patch Tab it will show you 2 lists.
6a - the Group is the company name (I think), so select Key. (press the letter "k" in the keyboard).
6b - the Title will show the games names under the selected group (company). Select Kanon.
6c - click Patch (answer the qustion, and if it ask you for the location then just browser to the kanon directory (default: C:\kanon))
7- Copy the files _inmm.dll and _inmm.ini to your kanon game directory (keep them in the same location as AVG3216x.EXE)

---- first step done :-)

Next is to tell the program what files to play instead of the CDDA. This information is keept in the file _inmm.ini.
(note: The following assume that you have copied your audio files into a sub directory called music (default c:\kanon\music) ).

1- Open _inmm.ini in Notepad (or an other program, as long as you save it as TEXT file).
2- Clear the contant of the file.
3- The format of the file should be as follows:

music\02 - Track 2.mid
music\03 - Track 3.midi
music\04 - Track 4.wav
music\23 - Track 23.mp3

4- Note: That each line in the file represent a track on the CD. Also note that you can have different audio formats.
5- Run the game :-)
------------ DONE

FAQ: (just kidding)
Q - I don't want this program, I want Kanon the way it was.
A - In Kanon directory you will find a file called, this is the orignal game file. So delete AVG3216M.exe and rename this file to be with the extension "exe"
Q - When running the game I get the message "Cannot execure _inmmserv.exe".
A - As step "1" says, you are spose the keep the extracted files some where. So if you have delete them, then extract them again and run "_inmmcnf.exe" again (just run it, then press ok, that should be enough).
Q - How do I upgrade to a newer version of _inmm?
A - After downloading the tool and extracting it to the place that you want to keep it. Just run _inmmcnf.exe and exit (this will update the registry), after that copy the new _inmm.dll to overwrite the old one in the game directory. (Keep _inmm.ini as it is, there is no need for any changes in it).
Q - What's with the newer version of _inmmcnf.ini?
A - The _inmmcnf.ini file contain the list of games that the tool can patch (or to be more correct, what file to be patched in each game). So the developer of the tool might support some newer games, but have no update for the tool itself, therefore to make it easier on the end user, s/he have provided a seprate download for the list of games. So if you have a new game, and you can't find it in _inmm list, then just download the new version of list and hope that it is supported now ;-). And if it is not supported yet, you can edit the inmmcnf.ini file yourself using Notepad.

P.S. I know that this is a crapy guid... but hey, it is a guid
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