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As far as I recall, Hirameki International was originally released for $39.99. Not long after Piece of Wonder was released, Hirameki started offering their titles on a 2-for-1 basis and later marked down all of their prices, asking for only $7 for their AnimePlay DVD titles and $13 for everything else.

Despite the massive discounts, a regular at TorrentPhase decided to upload every single one of their games to the site, spam Hirameki's message board with links to said uploads, and even hack their online store's review system to redirect purchases to the pirated copies. The mess took roughly a year to clean up. After Hirameki reopened the site, the hackers redoubled their efforts and hacked them again. Hirameki decided to cut its losses and close up shop for good.

Sorry for the tangent. A lot of people don't know what happened and insist that Hirameki dug its own grave with the AnimePlay DVD format, subpar translation quality, and excessive censorship; I agree that these were all stupid moves, but they're not what forced them out of business (also, Animamundi, Yo-Jin-Bo, and Piece of Wonder had excellent translations, though the graphics in Animamundi were censored to Hell and back - literally).

Back on topic: It doesn't matter how good something is; there will always be opportunistic pricks who buy them in bulk, then sell them at exorbitant prices when the supply has dried up. Ever when a much, much cheaper legal alternative becomes available, they'll still insist on their 400% markup (compare Castlevania - Rondo of Blood vs. The Dracula X Chronicles). Given Ever 17's many, many technical flaws (misprinted discs, for starters), there's no way anyone who did their homework would pay five times the original retail price.

Bottom line: Ever 17 is not worth $200, but that won't stop opportunistic pricks from asking for that much.
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