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Originally Posted by GreatSaintLouis
I'm not at all keen on pirated software. You know that's not allowed here.
You (all here) don't worth my efforty for this...

do you really read what I've written?
Maybe without "strike" effect you can read better...
For anyone who doesn't know what I wanna say with "strike effect":
make the following:
and you'll see:

Simple ^_^
"(...)I think (See? I THINK!) if I upload my Alcohol 120% with a little illegal enhancement called "no-serial patch" for ya - (read this piece...) but, It'll happen when the Boss allows "no-serial patches" here (I mean NEVER!)(...)"

a) I know, and very very well, thanks (mainly after to see several posts edited by Haeleth or someone with such power), about this rule. (Why do you think I wrote "I mean NEVER!"? I won't upload such file and, mainly, post the link here! I won't lost my "login"... I have a _inmm.dll guide to see and upload when I see it's needed!!)

b) I'm not crazy enough to make a upload of a 4 megabytes zipped file with a 56K modem; I have more things to do with my connection (Such as download, download... Ah! and download ^_^ and e-mails, here, download again...) I still NOT understand why I've made the D-tools update, even with a little installer! ^_^

c) It's very fine you aren't keen on such thing. I wouldn't do anyways! ^_^

d) Someone gave me the soft+crack. I wouldn't recuse...
(Also, the alcohol I've gotten doesn't work without it... =/ A truly piece of 5h17...)

But, as you wrote before, the D-tools isn't so useful to you, once you have a DVD driver (unlike me, I have a virtual one... T-T)... Well, I won't remove the link anyways... Maybe another people need this tool.
And once I don't have such kind of games (Besides, I don't have any kind of such games unless Kanon - and unninstaled), I don't know how I can help you. Sorry.

I'm gettin' outta here!
(And yep, D-Tools 3.44 is freeware ^_^)
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