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Considering all from that list save Air, Kanon, and the upcoming Clannad have not yet had a console port, I'd say it's highly unlikely that any of them would hit any portable format before a home console - much less a portable like the PSP.

In addition to AstCd2's answer, the PSP is currently host to ports of the Playstation's Yarudora series of games, which I suppose could also be considered part of the genre.

Personally, I think the Nintendo DS would be far more suited to the presentation of portable visual novel games - the bottom screen could be used to display text, the top screen could be for scenes and character sprites (or vice-versa, if the developers so choose), and By Their Powers Combined you could have some impressive looking vertical CGs., I've already got a DS, and don't really feel inclined to shell out $250 on a glorified portable DVD player should developers decide it's a viable platform for the portable future of the genre. Although with the decent homebrew scenes that are springing up around both platforms, I wouldn't be surprised if a portable ONScripter somehow made it to one or both systems at some point.