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I think they said ef and Wind will never again be available. I can see that they wouldn't exactly sell a lot when most people have played them already, but it's a shame they're gone forever.
ef and Wind are still out there if you know where to look.... Obviously saying anything more would be a violation of forum rules....

If and this is a big IF - all of this is legit, a likely scenario is some kind of official release of eden*. At this point there is precedent for fan translators going commercial so the notion isn't completely out of left-field.

Someone can correct me on this but my understanding is that the standard version of eden* has no sexual content and it's the eden* PLUS+MOSAIC add on disc that actually adds sexual content. For all of the bullshit that went on with ef, I believe one of minori's legitimate concerns was the legality of the sexual content of their games in other countries. One of the negotiating points may very well have that PLUS+MOSAIC would NOT be translated and it would only be the original no sexual content version. Again this is assuming any of this is legit.