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First of all, the request from both Hongfire and GameFAQs are indeed the same, made by myself. The GameFAQs request led to people recommending me to post it on Hongfire as well. As you can tell from the date, that was a considerable amount of time ago.

As for progress since, I've talked to two groups about it. The first were a few people from HGTP, a few days after the first request went up, but we'd never kept in contact after, so I presumed that they couldn't help. The second was ID of Fei, who I'd kept into somewhat more contact with, but had apparently been swamped with real-life commitments after the first few weeks of contact. We'd talked on and off every month or so since; I'd sent him an email regarding his status around 4 days ago, if I don't receive a reply soon, I would presume he would be too busy to help as well.

The actual translation of the game script besides Kotori's route is slow due to my own real-life commitments, but by mid-September, I should finish Kudou Kanae's route. If ID of Fei doesn't reply to my email, I'd likely return to "advertising" again, although maybe not until I finish the 2nd route to make the project seem more legitimate.