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Originally Posted by Haeleth
Um, back on topic... does anyone have a link to this putative Da Capo translation project that doesn't appear to be blocking half the world? ^_^
For sites like Hongfire, there's .

Anyway, here's the original and only important post:
I'm honestly not used to posting on these boards, and likely won't become a regular, but I was recommended to posting this request here, so here goes nothing.

Right now, on my hard drive, I have ~190 text files consisting of Kotori's route in DCPC from start to finish, all translated into english. I'm currently undergoing the final editing phase and adding translation notes. How I got the original text files with the script shall remain undisclosed, but the person who managed to supply me with them so far hasn't been able to find a way to, well, put new ones in their place correctly.

Simply, I'm looking for someone with the technical knowhow to do just that; find a way to insert text files into the game, as well as grab the parts of the game that the text files didn't cover (decision points and the location choice maps) so I can translate them. This/These person(s) must be able to deal with the fact that the translation is far from perfect; there are times where the translation sounds uncomfortable, and a few occasions where it plain doen't make sense, simply because I'm not as skilled in Japanese as I would like. If there were a translation being worked on by someone more skilled than I (which won't be hard to find), I would immediately step down, but since I DID have the time and there WASN'T any other alternatives... thus, the person has to be fine with the fact that he would be associating himself with relatively shoddy work. ^^;

As for the life cycle of the project, I do plan to continue translating route by route (probably doing *spoiler* or Tsukishiro Alice next), but I doubt I'd finish more than one of them, if any, before I'm called up for three months to go to jungles and point guns at people. I do plan to keep working on it on a fairly regular basis before and after though (although it took me ~3 months just to complete Kotori's route, albeit a lot of the beginning scenes are reused...). If I can't find anyone who's able to do this, I'd simply compile all the text files and submit the translation to GameFAQs (and maybe I'd do that even IF I find someone, who knows).

If you think you can fit the bill, or know anybody who can, let me know, either by replying to this post, or if it gets nuked, through my email (arkdeeranger at hotmail dot com) or AOL IM (L-L-N-K-8-5, without the dashes).

My thanks in advance.
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