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Default Releasing Narcissu Again

First of all, this is not a 'real' release, it's missing things like translation notes, which I'll add real soon.

But here it is:

Yeah I know, Narcissu again, it's a few years old, and it was just recently re-released with Narcissu 2. What's the point?

Well, what the point is is this. Right now you're looking at it with a browser, I assume Firefox/Chrome/Safari/Opera, no, don't try to look at it with IE. In about a week, iPad compatibility will be done, and Narcissu will be available on the iPad. Give me another week, and I'll have it be embeddable, in your personal blogs or sites, or on this forum. In another week, it'll be available as a facebook game. I don't have a schedule for the iphone and android versions, but should be available shortly as well.

So that's the point of this re-release. What I'm hoping is that for anyone out there, who wants to talk to people about visual novels, instead of telling someone to download something, will simply embed this, or perhaps link to the page, and have the person be immersed in the world of VNs right away. I'm just hoping that this will be an easier way for people to read visual novels.

If you want to see the editor that made this:

This might not match 100% with the downloadable game, since I wrote the converter in about 2 hours, and so it might have errors. If anyone finds any bugs or anything that's inaccurate in terms of how the downloadable works, please let me know.

PS: Is there any other (o)nscripter games I could legally port? Since I have a converter but no games...
PPS: Thanks a lot to all the translators, stage-nana, and everyone else who took part in making something so awesome so liberally licensed.
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