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BD if far better then DVD for making anime-play discs. The DVD was/is very limited, with BD you can have the same experience that you have on the PC (including saving), the text won't be timed but will move when you click a button. And unlike the console (PS3) games, the BD won't need to be vetted by Sony! I was in support of such a move, and I still am. I know that BD movies can be ripped and burnt to a DVD, but I am not sure about the extra contents, anyone know if piracy will still be a problem?

although, I do hope that they will make the discs regional free, as I live in region 'B'.

in other news, PlayStation Official Magazine UK, Sep 2011 issue, have made a very small (read, bottom left corner of the page) review of Agarest: Generations of War Zero. The reviewer complained about the graphics and game play, but the biggest problem was.... too much text! final score 3/10.
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